A case study of the package of therapeutic care given to an elderly client with depression

We define this as any therapy that is based on the belief that our thoughts are directly connected to how we feel. Therapists in the cognitive field work with clients to solve present day problems by helping them to identify distorted thinking that causes emotional discomfort. There's little emphasis on the historical root of a problem. Rather, what's wrong with my present thinking that it is causing me distress.

A case study of the package of therapeutic care given to an elderly client with depression

Given the acuity and risk that many of these geriatric patients face, a cost-effective wound care prevention and treatment protocol should be in place.

Part of this protocol involves choosing a cost-effective therapeutic pressure-relieving support surface that fits in with the Medicare Prospective Payment Systems. The following study reveals the management of a Stage IV ischemic pressure ulcer of the coccyx.

She is cared for in a long-term skilled facility. The patient is confused, hard of hearing, and has bowel and bladder incontinence. Her skin is thin and dehydrated with poor skin turgor.

A case manager is an individual appointed to help you with your recovery while you are a client of public mental health services. The case manager will prepare an individual service plan with you setting out your goals and strategies. a positive contribution to improving mental health care, when given the learning opportunities to enhance their Case study Feelings I had during the study 8 9 Section 3: Depression and anxiety Supporting people with depression and anxiety: a guide for practice nurses. Mental Illness Case Study Examples: Case 1. Ricard was a year-old man who suddenly started behaving in abizarre manner three days earlier. He became very restless, started talking nonsense and behaved in a shameless manner, taking his clothes off in public.

Her Braden Scale score is 9. She spends much of her time sitting upright in her wheelchair. When the enterostomal therapy nurse consulted with this patient, she was assessed as having a Stage IV ischemic pressure ulcer to her coccyx.

Management of care The Stage IV ischemic pressure ulcer measured 2. The depth was 1. The wound bed was pale pink with moderate amounts of yellow slough. The peri-wound skin was covered with a mauve rash with satellite lesions on her buttocks.

Wound care consisted of cleansing the wound with SAF-Clens at each dressing change. The mauve area was assessed to be a candida rash and the peri-wound area was treated with Nystatin powder until it cleared.

A case study of the package of therapeutic care given to an elderly client with depression

The wound bed was kept moist and filled to facilitate granulation and epithelialization with SAF-Gel hydogel. Duoderm CGF triangle was applied every 48 to 72 hours p.

The wound bed was pale pink with no devitalized material. The candida infection was completely cleared. The wound bed was pink and moist and bled easily. At this point, the wound care routine was changed to cleansing the wound bed with SAF-Clens and applying Aloe Vesta Ointment to the wound and peri-wound area to moisturize and protect from incontinent episodes.

Preventive skin care continued with the use of Aloe Vesta Perineal Solution to cleanse the skin and Aloe Vesta Protective Ointment to protect and form a barrier against further damage. Because healed pressure ulcers never possess the tensile strength of the original tissue and because of her overall risk, Ms.

Reproduced by permission of Crown Therapeutics, Inc.

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Newsletter Signup Get the latest industry news, insights, and analysis delivered to your inbox.In the general population collaborative care models for depression have been shown to be successful in reducing depressive symptoms [78, 79], yet the collaborative care studies [62, 64] reviewed did not yield a significant effect on depressive symptoms relative to usual care.

• Identify what support services the client needs to do job search and become employed. • Explain tax credits (EIC, and others). • Evaluate (and reevaluate) suitability of client’s job search choices given the job market and the client’s skills. • Explore transportation options including carpooling.

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• . As the counselor/client relationship develops (leaning toward the person centered), the client may become more and more accustomed to the counselors use of solution focused techniques; the client may adapt techniques for him/herself, i.e.: "Give a hungry man a fish and he eats today, but teach him to fish, and he eats for a lifetime".

Note changes in the elderly client's appetite and assess for depression ). which leads to functional dependence One study suggested that dinner music.

obesity among older persons is defined as being (30% above ideal body weight. can reduce irritability. and a "happy hour" beverage. Methods/Design. This one-group pre-test post-test study aims to recruit a total of long-stay (> 60 days) home care clients, 70 years or older, with depressive symptoms who are receiving personal support services through a home care program in Ontario, Canada.

The study included patients, all of whom suffered from major depression and had previously failed to respond to therapeutic treatments or could not tolerate antidepressant medication because of side effects.

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