A failure to communicate

The context of the first delivery of the line is: You gonna get used to wearing them chains after a while, Luke. Don't you never stop listening to them clinking, 'cause they gonna remind you what I been saying for your own good.

A failure to communicate

March 31st, Comfort ZoneConscious LivingHappiness All my life long I was afraid about the events that might happen in the future; I worried about the outcome of my actions and their negative results for my life in the future and I also questioned if I could cope with the challenges I was facing back then.

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In general, I would say, most of the time these worries can be attributed to only one thing: All my worries and fears had only this one thing in common: I simply did not want to be labeled as a failure, with my 9 years of age back then.

There is no need to worry about failure!

A failure to communicate

Suddenly, something became very clear to me when I was facing my darkest hour, at age of There was simply no need for me to continue worrying as I had drawn for me personally a remarkable conclusion later explained that would change my life from A failure to communicate point onwards.

I accepted failure as simply that what it is: Failure is an omnipresent part of my life, my past, and my present; and each failure helped me to become the man I am nowadays.


Every failure was a painful experience and knocked me down in the short run, but in the long run, it helped me to do better in the future, avoid similar mistakes and honestly, most of my failures opened new possibilities and promising chances for me and allowed me to change my life and start over again.

The attempt to avoid failure down to the ground would cause the biggest failures of all, the irreversible mistake of not having tried at all. Not a single second do I want to spend with acknowledging to myself that I squandered all the big opportunities that I was given in life, as this would be more painful for me than actually having failed.

Nonetheless, every one of us is going to fail every once in a while, so why worrying about it anyways?

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When looking at the biographies of extraordinarily successful people you will see that the enumerations of their failures outweigh all their accomplishments, successes and valuable contributions by far. Here are some famous failures: Later, MGM studios told him that the idea of Mickey Mouse would not work; a giant mouse would scare women.

John Grisham was rejected by twelve publishing houses and sixteen agents before his first novel was accepted. Grisham is nowadays a best-selling novelist. After all, only the failures these successful people had to experience and the mistakes they made in their lives allowed them to become the geniuses, inventors, and idols they have become.

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Those that never failed in life are the ones that no one remembers of today, the ones that never won as they never tried. There are failures that might knock you down on the ground and let everything else look pointless.

The decision to allow a failure to defeat you once and for all, leaving you behind in a broken down state of mind for the rest of your live, or to pat yourselves on the back for not having squandered an opportunity, for having tried, for having given your best and for having gained some important experiences that could become very valuable in your future.

A failure to communicate

I failed many times in my life and luckily the vast majority of failures and defeats were so unimportant that I either forgot about them over the time or are able to laugh about it nowadays.

My class teacher told my parents that I should definitely repeat that grade to close the gaps in knowledge I had.

Nevertheless, I chose to march on and so I went to secondary school, my grades improved drastically and two years later I was entitled to enroll in junior high school. Anxiety can paralyze you like a roadblock I could go on and write down all the defeats and failures in my life I can remember of, whenever I was turned down, ignored, knocked down on the ground, got dumped, failed at work, saw my plans fail or messed up with my duties, but that would increase the word count of this post into the infinite.

Nevertheless, every of these defeats helped me to accept failure as an inevitable part of my life, which took a lot of pressure from my shoulders. It helped me to see more opportunities than before, as I simply had ignored many of them because I estimated them as too risky or to be doomed to fail.

It helped me to focus my attention on the things I enjoyed doing — in the one area I knew I belonged — and to strip off what I considered to be dispensable and unnecessary. Every failure taught me — in its very own painful way — things that cannot be found in books, characteristics about myself that cannot even be articulated and friendships whose value lies beyond the imaginable.

After the most painful defeats and setbacks I ever had to experience, I arose out of the ashes like a Phoenix, stronger, more knowledgeable and wiser than before, having gained very valuable life experiences.

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I became more focused on the things I loved most and knew who my true friends were — those that stood on my side, whenever I was down.

I have lost almost games. On 26 occasions I have been entrusted to take the game winning shot, and I missed. I have failed over and over and over again in my life.

And that is why I succeed. I can accept that all my attempts to achieve an aim were unsuccessful. But the two things I will never accept is not to have tried at all and to remain on the ground after a failure.

Edison A journalist once asked Thomas Edison, an American inventor, for the reason he continued his unsuccessful attempts to make light by the use of electricity, when he had failed so many times in the past.

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Vrain Valley School District!If hazardous or poor weather conditions arise, the City of Longmont/SVVSD can close fields. In general, I would say, most of the time these worries can be attributed to only one thing: my fear of schwenkreis.com my worries and fears had only this one thing in common: the fear of the possibility of failure.

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Welcome to St. Vrain FC, the Youth Soccer Club for the St. Vrain Valley School District!If hazardous or poor weather conditions arise, the City of Longmont/SVVSD can close fields.

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