Essay on humidity

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Essay on humidity

Fiber Optic Sensors Humidity Sensors Introduction Optic fiber is normally made of plastic or glass of a considerable length, which allows light rays to pass through.

Regulation of losses is achieved through the principle of total internal reflection. Fiber sensors are very receptive to restrictions that are capable of modifying either the frequency, intensity, or the segment of light that travels through the fiber.

The normal optic fiber consists of two major parts, which include the cladding and the core. Rays of light should pass through the length of the fiber without deviation.

The process that makes this possible is total internal reflection achieved by the use of materials of different refractive indexes in both the core and the cladding.

Fiber Bragg Grating is a concept applicable in fiber optic sensors.

History of the Fiber Optics

Fiber Bragg grating depends on some factors of the immediate environment such as temperature. As compared to other ordinary sensors, optical fiber sensors are corrosion and water resistant.

This paper will discuss the history and the Essay on humidity under which optic fiber works especially regarding humidity and fiber Bragg grating. Need custom written paper? Optic fiber can transmit large data over long distances at a relatively high speed as compared to other forms of communication.

Relative humidity sensing technology requires a combination of thin film optics and the optical fiber sensor Weijing et. The application of this combination has produced instruments that could not have been imagined.

Modern optical fiber sensors were developed based on the most significant scientific discoveries in the s. There were endoscopes made of small lengths which had low transparency. They were used in industrial processes and medicine.

In the early s, optical fibers with low-loss capacity were used as sensors not only in the sphere of telecommunication. The main reason behind the development of optical fibers was their application in telecommunication. However, with time, there appeared other development concepts which were used in a variety of areas such as medicine and sensitive industrial activities.

Research groups were formed so that they could formulate mechanisms that could be used to develop the upcoming technology in measurement and sensing.

Due to the escalating challenges in the modern society, there has been a dire need to improve the technological advancements to counter these challenges.

The application of optic operated electronics has also been prevalent in several electronics such as laser printers, laser pointers, CD players, and bar code scanners. Mutual development of both the fiber optic communication and the optic-operated electronics have resulted in the optimization and development of products of higher quality that are capable of replacing the traditional sensors for humidity, temperature, pressure, and rotation among others.

A refers to Accuracy. In this case, the sensory technology should be reliable in terms of its accuracy. B refers to Benefit; the technology should be reasonable in terms of its cost. C stands for Compact. This means that the technology should be small in size and be preferably embedded.

D implies Durable, which means that the technology should provide the consumer with a long-lasting service. E refers to Easy; the sensor should be easy to operate, and time that it needs to retrieve data should be minimal. The technology uses optic fiber either as the sensing element or a means of relaying signals to the machine that will be used to process these signals.

The performance of the sensors in detecting humidity requires the control of the environment in which the sensors are located. A stainless steel chamber is designed to achieve this. Inside the chamber, there is a circuit that regulates and stabilizes the amount of heat and therefore the temperatures.

Divided-flow volumetric mix ratio technique is used to make sure that there are controlled levels of ambient humidity. This process demands dividing the section of the dry part of the air into two different sections.

There is a saturated chamber where one of the divided sections passes so that it can be used to form the wet stream. The remaining section is required to be dry and therefore does not need to be subjected to another process.

It remains as it is so that it can form the dry stream. Humidity can be estimated by calculating the relative ratios of the dry and saturated streams respectively Consales et al, Fw and Fd represents the rate of flow of the wet stream and the dry stream. Vp dry and Vp wet are the vapor pressure of the dry and wet streams.

Humidity is a physical quantity. Different reasons make it possible to measure humidity due to the diverse applications.Free Essay: Humidity is measured by the amount of vapor in the air not by the total amount of vapor and liquid. Global climate is flexible by humidity and.

Essay on humidity

Free Sample Essay on topic Fiber Optic Sensors (Humidity Sensors). History of the Fiber Optics. Working Principles of Fiber Optics in Humidity and FBG.

Humidity is a general term referring to the water vapour content of air at any one time and place. This term is not used to describe liquid droplets of fog, cloud, or rain. Related Articles: Free essay on Ice-crystal Theory of Bergeron. Humidity of the air refers to the content of water vapour present in the air at a particular time and place. On the other hand, water vapour is the gaseous form of water. Free Essay: Humidity is measured by the amount of vapor in the air not by the total amount of vapor and liquid. Global climate is flexible by humidity and.

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Relative Humidity Essay Sample.

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This activity will look at two of the most fundamental and important elements of weather: temperature and humidity. Yes, our relative humidity was different for the two locations because the temperature in the building was lower than the temperature outside.

2. The psychrometer has a "sock" on the bulb of the thermometer.

Essay on humidity

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