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Scribe editing services

Ancient Egypt[ edit ] Egyptian scribe with papyrus scroll One of the most important professionals in ancient Egypt was a person educated in the arts of writing both hieroglyphics and hieratic scripts, as well as the demotic script from the second half of the first millennium BCE, which was mainly used as shorthand and for commerce and arithmetic.

Monumental buildings were erected under their supervision, [6] administrative and economic activities were documented by them, and stories from Egypt's lower classes and foreign lands survive due to scribes putting them in writing.

The scribal profession worked with painters and artisans who decorated reliefs and other building works with scenes, personages, or hieroglyphic text.

scribe editing services

The hieroglyph used to signify the scribeto write and writings, etc. The hieroglyph contains the scribe's ink-mixing palette, a vertical case to hold writing-reeds, and a leather pouch to hold the black and red ink blocks. The demotic scribes used rush pens which had stems thinner than that of a reed 2 mm.

The end of the rush was cut obliquely and then chewed, so that the fibers became separated. The result was a short, stiff brush which was handled in the same manner as that of a calligrapher.

He was the scribe of the gods who held knowledge of scientific and moral laws. In addition to accountancy and governmental politicking, the scribal professions branched out into literature.

The first stories were probably creation stories and religious texts. Other genres evolved, such as wisdom literaturewhich were collections of the philosophical sayings from wise men. These contain the earliest recordings of societal thought and exploration of ideas in some length and detail.

In Mesopotamia during the middle to late 3rd millennium BCE, the Sumerians originated some of this literature in the form of a series of debates. Among the list of Sumerian disputations is the Debate between bird and fish. Each column of writing could have no less than forty-eight, and no more than sixty lines.

The ink must be black, and of a special recipe. They must say each word aloud while they were writing. There must be a review within thirty days, and if as many as three pages required corrections, the entire manuscript had to be redone.

The letters, words, and paragraphs had to be counted, and the document became invalid if two letters touched each other. The middle paragraph, word and letter must correspond to those of the original document.

The documents could be stored only in sacred places synagogues, etc. As no document containing God's Word could be destroyed, they were stored, or buried, in a genizah. Sofer scribe Sofers Hebrew: Renowned calligraphersthey produce the Hebrew Torah scrolls and other holy texts.

Over the next decade, more scrolls were found in caves and the discoveries became known collectively as the Dead Sea Scrolls. Every book in the Hebrew Bible was represented except Esther.

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Numerous copies of each book were discovered, including 25 copies of the book of Deuteronomy. While there are other items found among the Dead Sea Scrolls not currently in the Hebrew Bibleand many variations and errors occurred while they were copied down, the texts on the whole testify to the accuracy of the scribes.

Corrections by the scribes and editing biblical literature[ edit ] Priests who took over the leadership of the Jewish community preserved and edited biblical literature. Biblical literature became a tool that legitimated and furthered the priests' political and religious authority.

One of the most prominent men at this time was Ezra the scribe. He also hired scribes to work for him, in order to write down and revise the oral tradition.

Ezra read them an unfamiliar version of the Torah. This version was different from the Torah of their fathers. Ezra did not write a new bible.

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Specially trained monks, or scribes, had to carefully cut sheets of parchment, make the ink, write the script, bind the pages, and create a cover to protect the script.

This was all accomplished in a monastic writing room called a scriptorium which was kept very quiet so scribes could maintain concentration. They worked every day except for the Sabbath.The Scribe Guided Author Program provides you with every tool you need to write, publish, and market your book—this year.

You get weekly editing guidance calls and accountability at every step. You have a full year to write your book, and we'll be there the whole time to help. Full printing services, with the ability to order. Soft Scribe Private Limited, founded in , is the Indian arm of Soft Scribe LLC based in Virginia.

The Company provides services to clients in the US in the areas of Bookkeeping and Accounting, Digital Marketing, Audio Transcription and Data Analytics. A professional, reliable and experienced copywriter based in the Adelaide Hills.

Creative, engaging copy across diverse media, formats and industry sectors, as well as editing and proofreading services with a forensic eye for detail and a slightly compulsive obsession with correct spelling and grammar. Mountain Scribe provides writing, editing, proofreading, and indexing services.

Listed below are our core specialties, but we are able to produce material to meet any of your needs. Empire Scribe exists to bring into one place the various elements and resources needed to improve, present, and publish your literary work professionally. Remote Scribe Service.

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Learn more about Remote Scribes. Editing of Voice Recognition. For doctors who choose to create reports and documents with voice recognition technology, we can check the text file we receive against the audio recording, and make all the corrections and style edits necessary to produce a polished final product for you.

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