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The market square dog writing about the big question tract

Visit the Pet Video Library Story at-a-glance - When selecting a recreational bone or chew for your dog, you should ask two questions: Selecting non-toxic bones and chews involves learning the country of origin, the source of the product, and how it was processed.

Recreational bones and chews are different from dog treats and jerky products. Another difference is that recreational bones and chews often provide dental cleaning benefits — treats and jerky products, no matter how crunchy or chewy, simply do not.

Recreational bones are also different from edible bones.

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Edible bones, which are primarily poultry wings, backs and necks, are bones that dogs chew up quickly and swallow. Big bones are also ideal for aggressive chewers, but very hard bones are not.

You can tell the difference between a raw bone which is what you want and a treated bone by where you find it in the store. Raw bones should be in the freezer or refrigerator section; treated or preserved bones steamed or smoked, usually are sitting out on store shelves at room temperature.

Marrowbones are typically quite high in fat, which is fine for some dogs, but not for others. You can make a low fat version by removing the marrow and replacing it with canned percent pumpkin.

Antlers can be a great choice for gentle chewers — just make sure you pick the right size for your dog. Hooves are not generally a good idea because of the oral damage they can do. Veterinarians see more cut mouths from hooves than any other type of recreational bone. Becker Today, I'd like to go over the dos and don'ts of offering bones and chews to your dog.

Two questions you should ask before feeding any bone or chew to your dog are: Is it a good fit for my dog? How to Select Non-Toxic Bones and Chews Whether a bone or chew is potentially toxic has to do with the country of origin, the source of the product, and how it was processed.

You'll want to look for "Made in the USA" labels on packaging, or feel comfortable about where the product was sourced, for example, from free-range herds out of New Zealand or Canada. I never recommend feeding unlabeled bulk items out of bulk bins, because you really have no idea where the product came from, how it was processed, how long it has been sitting in the bin, or other similar concerns.

Does the size of the recreational bone or chew present a potential choking hazard or intestinal obstruction? If a piece of bone breaks off and your dog swallows it, could it get stuck somewhere in the GI tract?

With regard to the consistency of the product — its density or hardness — you need to consider the health of your dog's teeth and gums. You'll also want to think about the ingredients in the bone or chew.

What nutrients does it provide? Does it contain additives? Does it potentially contain opportunistic pathogens that could pose a threat to your pet's health? For example, some bones are naturally high in fat, so you wouldn't want to offer those bones to a pet with a history of pancreatitis.

This video is about bones and chews — large items intended for chewing — not treats or jerky products. But while I'm on the subject, there are some really bad dog treats and jerky products on the market, and some really good ones.

the market square dog writing about the big question tract

A composite meat-based treat that can be easily broken into pieces is fine, as long as the product is made in the U.Sep 14,  · The big question is what investors should do now? Stock Market News, Stock Advice & Trading Tips While PayPal stock is the bigger dog in this fight, I believe Square has much more bite.


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the market square dog writing about the big question tract

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You know that a dog that fears people will have trouble finding a home. You might predict that this dog is in danger of being injured by a vehicle. You keep reading, and you find out if your prediction is right or wrong. DIRECTIONS: As you read “The Market Square Dog,” use the following chart to help you predict events in the story.

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