Thesis religous tolerance

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Thesis religous tolerance

The Old Testament teachings are quite clear on the matter - although the Jewish tradition of reinterpretation tends to find ways that allow Jews to escape their obligation to execute anyone caught washing his Lexus on a Saturday.

Christians can point to the example of Jesus spending much of his time in the company of non-believers, heretics, and social outcasts - but this should not be mistaken for tolerance.

Jesus did not take the approach that its fine to worship idols and doubt his divinity.

His purpose was to convert the unbelievers to the true path, and it's made quite clear that failure to accept his teachings would result in punishment - or perhaps what could charitably be described as a denial of the gifts intended for the faithful.

Attempting to interpret scripture to tolerate the existence of competing religions is tantamount to suggesting that Moses descended Mount Sinai, clutching in his hands the sacred tablets of the Ten Helpful Suggestions.

It is a fact that the Abrahamic religions are all mutually exclusive of each other. Christianity attempts to replace Judaism, which denies that Christ was the son of God - a position it shares with.

There is no way to reconcile all of these religions without positing either a confused and bumbling god, or perhaps three different gods in three entirely separate realities. Degree of religiosity[ edit ] Does anyone seriously believe that this is an attempt to win converts? The Phelps family know that we're screwed, and their only interest is making sure that we're aware of this.

They include themselves in the list of people who God will smite on a whim. The degree of religiosity determines how seriously a believer takes their religion, but does not necessarily dictate the actual beliefs.

Religious Tolerance and The Golden Age of Al-Andalus - Moorish Spain

As an example, Christian fundamentalists are not all in agreement on all matters of their shared religion. Fred Phelps - perhaps the counter-apologetics equivalent of Godwin's Lawis without doubt sincere in his beliefs - and his grasp of scripture cannot easily be dismissed.

However, his extreme Calvinist belief that salvation is through grace alone and that what we do is unimportant, since God has already compiled the book of life in which damnation and salvation are pre-ordained does not sit well with traditional evangelical belief that salvation can be achieved through the acceptance of Christ.

If the scripture and tradition of the religion pay little attention to heretics and non-believers, then a fundamentalist viewpoint will not lead to intolerance. Unfortunately this is rarely the case.

Thesis religous tolerance

Most believers, thankfully do not attempt to enforce the commands of their gods through the medium of murder, but certainly civil liberties are threatened by those wishing to have their own particular take on religion made the norm for everyone.

The greatest risk of such an ostensibly care-free approach to those of competing beliefs is the dehumanizing factors associated with it. Why bother with the well-being of people when it's known that God is going to smite them anyway?

Sincerity and empathy[ edit ] This is where the more friendly and tolerant believers risk the charge that they are being willfully negligent in their obligations towards their fellow humans.

Thesis religous tolerance

Consider the following hypothetical situation. It is a foggy night, and I am aware that the bridge further up the road has collapsed. There are no warning signs posted, and I am unable to make a phone call to warn the authorities.

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I have several options available to me. I could return to my comfortable and warm house, and perhaps phone the authorities in the morning. I could fashion a small sign - which would perhaps be visible to some but certainly not all.

Finally, I could remain at the bridge, frantically warning drivers to turn back - perhaps even risking my life by jumping in the road on such a foggy night. Of these three approaches, the first is comparable to the Phelps brand of Christianity.

Although he and his odious church are famous for their pickets - these are not intended to convert people. Instead their purpose is to remind the sinners of their impending doom. The second approach is closer to tolerant Christians would do.

They believe themselves to be correct, but are not making strong efforts to convert people to their belief system. The final example is another fundamentalist approach, in which there is a stark choice: Do what I say or be damned! The tolerant approach arguably makes for a more peaceful society, given that multiculturalism is the norm in many countries, but it comes at a cost.

Believers are abandoning their role as "their brother's keeper" Gen. How important is religious belief? As Pascal, in his famously cynical wager suggested belief in God as a kind of pragmatic way to hedge one's bets.Precision and Personalization.

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A Cherokee prayer blessing: "May the warm winds of heaven blow softly upon your house. Paulus Vladimiri (ca. –) was a Polish scholar and rector who at the Council of Constance in , presented a thesis, Tractatus de potestate papae et imperatoris respectu infidelium (Treatise on the Power of the Pope and the Emperor Respecting Infidels).

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